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vendredi 10 mars 2006

Poésies berbères

born to die ..
to heal what he can not reach
asking for more
alot of questions
more than he can handle
is all what they say
and dreams of the other
comes out of the closed eyes
to be shaterd
among the dead

have you heard a sound
a woman
an eagle
a world going to its end

have you seen a light
a child
a vergin
a scream waiting to be heard

all of the music that he cant hear
still rising
in his slow times of wakness
in the long road
where he cant walk alone
just searching
for a bride
a touch of her smile
that kills
all his pain

have you tried to fly
to cry
to forget
the feelings that can not be felt

have you ever thought about
an empty home
wasted times
furiously pass in front of your eye

have you ever seen
an amazigh that want to reach
his freedom

tarwa n tmura nnes

Già uzun.
Già amersal.
Tanikt i wuzzal.
Yan ur ilin taÉdfi,
Geà asen tt.
Ig ul inu,
Ur d wanna d ukan,
Igli usaru,
Råemà as.

13/11/1996 Muíemmad Ouagrar

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